Sa-wa-dee-ka and welcome to my website! My name is Tailynn (thai-lin) and modeling is my passion. I just love showing off my petite 20 year old body. I live in Bangkok, Thailand where I am a fashion model in Bangkok's famous fashion district. I started my site because I want to share the beauty of Thailand and myself with the entire world.
I love wearing different erotic outfits and having fun. Travel with me to exotic locations deep inside Asia as I share the most intimate details of my life with you.

Inside you will see large crystal clear Photos and Videos of me and my friends, filmed with the best equipment. So come on in to see find out the forbidden secrets of Asia.
See you inside!!! XOXO Tailynn


  • NAME: Tailynn
  • Age: 20
  • B-day: April 25, 1991
  • Height: 152 cm / 5'0
  • Height: 39 kg / 86 lbs
  • Measurements: (cm) 81-61-81 (in) 32D-24-32

My name is Tailynn and I live in Bangkok, Thailand. I am very excited to welcome you to my site. While you are here, I will do the best that I can to make sure that your stay is sexy, fun and entertaining. I'm 20 years old and work as a fashion model for different clothes designers in Bangkok. I have completed a some college, and want to continue my career in the fashion industry. It is truly a love of mine.

I just turned 20, which is the legal age to drink and go to clubs in Thailand. Now I can go into my favorite discos without worrying if my I.D. card is o.k.! I like dancing and shaking it up until early in the morning. I love to meet new friends everywhere, and like going to go go clubs and beer bars to see the newest girls that come to Bangkok from the country to make money and seek a new life. They remind me of myself, and I like to take in their individual beauty and uniqueness. And I also like to take them home with me sometimes!

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This is my most favorite and treasured section of the site. Here you experience with me my personal adventures in my everyday life! I want you to get to know me better and see some of the fun things that go on during my days and nights in Thailand.

Whether I'm shopping for the newest fashions or going to the beer bars to have some fun with my friends, you get to come with me. I want to show you the scenery, people and landmarks that make Thailand such a beautiful and special place in my heart.

Some of what you can expect in the daily life are short little videos of me or some of the unique things that are from Thailand. I have had people tell me that when they come to Thailand, there are things that can't be found anywhere else in the world. Sometimes a funny sign or unique custom (like Buffalo racing), but expect to see some totally different sights and sounds.

I will also post some of the fun stuff I find when I'm looking around the web. Whether it's a neat little clip or a cute joke or something, I want to share what I find with you! I love seeing and learning anything of interest.

Updated with fresh new things all the time, I hope you enjoy these little tidbits as much as I do.


All Videos on my site are filmed in high quality digital on the latest professional video equipment. Every detail is crystal clear and the colors are vivid. You can see ever glimmer and curve on my body, and see the natural beauty of Thailand. The sound is fantastic, you will be able to hear my every moan and every great music beat clearly.

Videos are available in multiple formats in large and small sizes. You will be able to choose the size best for you, based on your preference and connection speed. And all videos are available for you to download to your computer for faster viewing. You can play my movies on your iPod/iPad/iPhone too!


When I started selecting the photos for my site, I wanted to make sure the quality was second to none. It's important to me to make the best impression possible, so I put in the extra effort to assure the quality of the pictures.

All pics are high resolution digital pictures. This means you can enjoy every part of me up close and personal, and have the best representation of my beloved Thailand. I take pride in knowing that I am providing the best Thai porn for your viewing pleasure. Join me inside!

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